Library Additon: M B Matuštík, “Between Hope and Terror: Derrida and Habermas Plead for the Im/Possible”

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This chapter
– included in Lasse Thomassen’s The Derrida – Habermas Reader – discusses the joint letter written by Habermas and Derrida in the early 21st century. The letter criticize the so called “New Europe” that gave its support to the U.S’s second gulf war and at the same time call for another radically different Europe. I will leave the contents of both the letter and Matuštík’s analysis as they stand for now, but I will return to them in an upcoming article on Europe in relation to Derrida. Besides the content of the letter, what’s interesting about it is the unlikely collaboration between Derrida and Habermas. Not only do their theories diverge in their ontological/epistemological foundations as well as in their view on normativity and emancipation, but they have been engaged in numerous quarrels throughout their respective academic careers, among others concerning the ‘Paul de Man affair’ and the possibility of responsibility.

Claes Wrangel


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