Multimedia Addition: Jacques Derrida, “L’Avenir”

To continue the discussion between Martin and Derrida, I have added a videoclip in which Derrida talks about some of the aspects of the “to-come” (à venir). Since I introduced it in my comment to David’s book review of Agnes Martin (connecting it both to repetition and normativity) I thought it would be a good idea to make the concept available using Derrida’s own wording. Furthermore, the clip cast a (slightly) different light on it. In this clip he refers to it as the coming of the Other, an unpredictable arrival that is best understood as a dislocation of our given discursive meanings. I believe this concept is essential to understanding Derrida and as such it deserves our full attention. Neither this introduction, my previous comment, nor the videoclip does it full justice, but they can serve as a preview to upcoming articles which will elaborate more fully on the concept.

This is the introductory clip of Kirby Dick’s and Amy Ziering Kofman’s documentary “Derrida”, filmed between 1994 and 2001 (available from Jane Doe Films).

Claes Wrangel


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