The Blackbird Project

Part of the reason for my recent absence from That’s Not It has been the long hours I’ve been putting into my other pet project, yet unnamed but which I’d feel comfortable calling the Blackbird Project for now. After a few months of coding and learning, there are now some results to show and because I am attempting to get a grant to continue working on the project full-time this summer, I’ve created a short web page to introduce others to the project. I thought reader’s of That’s Not It might be interested to see what I’ve been working on and so I proudly present: n Ways of Looking at a Blackbird.

In essence, the project is an application (as of yet only running locally on my laptop) which is able to recombine texts based on user-defined relationships. Right now the content is inputted in the form of poetic texts, but could conceptually work with anything. I think the real meat of the application is its potential to also act as a novel form of translator, where instead of just two separate texts you have texts in two different languages. This type of translation is interesting to me because it would be completely ignorant of the meaning of the poem, and would only translate the relationships of the words in a poem (arguably, the “poetry” itself). For more information on how the application works, please visit the website, and here’s hoping that grant comes through.

David Feil


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