Multimedia Addition: Robert Rauschenberg

rr.jpgIn my research for the post on Rauschenberg’s Mother of God (Notebook) I came across this short clip (Multimedia) of him talking about an exhibit featuring a specific collection of his work, in which Mother of God was included. He says nothing specific about the individual pieces, but what he says of the group is rather interesting. What I find most interesting is that he admits being afraid of these works, which he also describes as being very personal. The full transcript is as follows:

Well, these … this particular group of works were somehow sort of icons of eccentricities and … and exceptional in the sense that they didn’t fit into the art world at that time. I did them to see how far, you know, you could push an object and yet, it’d still mean something. And … I just knew that they were unique and … they were dear to me. Most of these, these works were on view in my various studios all the time. I had my sort of “Muse Wall” and they were personal, to me, and celebrated but not available. Most of the work in this collection scared the shit out of me, too. And they didn’t stop frightening me. And so, there was … there was a kind of courage that was that was built into them in their uniqueness and that, that … in their individuality that … I didn’t want to forget about either.

David Feil


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