Here you will find a library of audio and visual material to accompany the site’s conversations. Featured items may be extracts culled from lectures, art pieces, documentaries, or even original pieces by invited contributors. The copyright of all non-original works lays with the artist and/or distributor. That’s Not It is a non-commercial site. Items posted here are intended solely for educational and academic purposes. In all applicable cases information has been provided on how to purchase these works in their entirety. If there are any questions please contact us.

  • Please support the artists and the distributors who make their work available to the wider world.

  • Agnes Martin, “Empty Mind”, mp3, 2:09, 2 mb
    This is an extract from the documentary “With My Back to the World” filmed by Mary Lance between the years 1998 and 2002. It is available on DVD through newdealfilms. ISBN# 1878917102
  • Art & Language and the Red Krayola
    all tracks from the 1967 album Corrected Slogans available on cd through Drag City or as mp3s through iTunes.


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This is an alpha version of That’s Not It, a blog/magazine focusing on political theory, literature and poetry by exploring the limits and interrelationships between these spheres. The magazine’s title refers to French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan. This journal was founded by Claes Wrangel (Stockholm) and David Feil (Houston) in December 2006 to inspire a theoretical and analytical dialogue. Reader contributions and comments are readily encouraged.

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